Stay ahead of the Fragrance Trends with our Autumn Winter Fragrance Trends ebook for 2023/2024


Our Autumn and Winter Fragrance Trends ebook explores the upcoming fragrance and perfume trends for this season.  Our ebooks are full of creative perfume and fragrance inspiration and research. The market insights take inspiration from fashion trends, fragrance launches and market research. We cover some of the hot fragrance trends coming in 2024.

Some of the trending themes include:

  • Skin Scents – The rise of subtle and delicate skin-like musk scents
  • Tribute Fragrances – Dupe culture and the scents that are riding the wave of popular scents
  • Simply Powerful – The continued rise of Extracts, Extreme and longer-lasting fragrances
  • and more…

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Our ebook provides inspiration for our customers and highlights some of the big themes, ideas and ingredient-led fragrance notes set to become popular in the future. As a leading fragrance manufacturer with decades of experience, we assist our clients in selecting scents that will elevate their brands. The ebook includes an overview of fragrance and perfume themes, fashion-inspired launches, and industry trends.

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The ebook includes the following:

  • Fragrance and Perfume Trends and Themes set to big
  • The fashion and consumer buyer trends that are driving the industry
  • Some of the key trends that are driving the beauty, skincare and home fragrance industries

For each trend, we have created a signature scent which complements the fragrance trends featured in our ebook. If you are interested in requesting these please click here.