Proessences, a leading fragrance distributor in the Philippines, has broken ground on its new development in Manila. As a leading creator and distributor of fragrances, perfumes and aroma compounds, they have been the exclusive partner of Carvansons for over 14 years. 


proessences - philippines fragrance manufacturer

The New Fragrance Creation Site in Manila, Philippines


The new facility will help the company further grow and expand its reach and ability to create fragrance and perfumes for a wide range of businesses, industries and applications. 

Carvansons began its partnership with Proessences back in 2008 and have worked closely with the fragrance specialist ever since. The 1,000 square metre new facility will include warehousing facilities, laboratories and office space. 


Gemma from Proessences says, 

“This is an incredibly exciting time for us as a company as we continue to grow and thrive within this exciting and diverse industry. This move will help us expand our customer base and improve the service we offer to our customers.” 


The development for Proessences in the Philippines will further benefit from the move earlier in the year of Carvansons Head Office in the UK to a new and improved creation and manufacturing facility. This move will further improve distribution channels to the Philippines and enhance Processences capabilities to grow its market share and customer base.


Director of Carvansons, Luke says, 

“This is an incredibly positive move forwards for Proessences as they seek to grow and expand their influence within the Philippines. Our team in the UK works very closely with the Proessences team and we can’t wait to see the new facility once it is complete later in the year.”

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