We are looking for Experienced Fragrance Compounders to join our growing team.

You can expect a competitive salary package in return.


Candidates will demonstrate proven experience and hold ability to successfully undertake the following key responsibilities of the Fragrance Compounder Job Role.


  • Weigh ingredients accurately in accordance to a formulation, ensuring accuracy of code numbers, lot numbers, description of ingredient and weights.
  • Maintain accurate inventory control of all materials used, including lot numbers, warehouse locations and expiration dates when manufacturing, record keeping, changing drums and/or refilling transfer containers.
  • Manufacture products according to special instruction, when included, but not limited to mixing, heating, and filtering and step sequence, when applicable.
  • Follow approved manufacturing protocol, record keeping and methods of operation, including but not limited to, Standard Operating Procedures, site regulations, departmental rules, and required regulatory procedures.
  • Work with all fragrance materials safely including wet, dry, viscous, flammable, hot and hazardous substances.



If you meet all of the job requirements and looking for a new opportunity, then simply send your CV to careers@carvansons.co.uk