With the coming of the new year, contemplations at Carvansons have turned to what fragrance trends will delight our senses with over the next 12 months.

Through intrinsic research and market analysis of trends and materials we are predicting a rich glow of decadent gourmands, oriental fruits and luscious green fougeres. It will be intriguing to see how different markets and locations interpret these notes and the consequential fragrance combinations that appear.

Fragrance has the passion to build a bright imaginarium evoking emotions, colours, shapes and connectivity through the fluidity of notes.

How does Carvansons help advise on Fragrance Trends?

Knowing what fragrances work in what applications is a key part of what we do.

Whether is be industrial or household products through to fine fragrance and personal care, we can create a range of scents that best suit your product. We are regularly challenged by customers asking us to create a scent suitable for their product line and we can help not only research that market and suggest suitable fragrances but also provide a selection of complementary fragrances, enabling you to select the best scents for your market.

We provide unique and bespoke fragrance creation service tailored to meet any customer requirements from design to manufacture. Our talented evaluators and creative perfumers constantly identify new and exciting trends and raw materials which are transformed into delivering a bespoke fragrance creation service.

For more information about upcoming fragrance trends, talk to our knowledgeable creation and technical team. Contact us now