Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise ranges from scoping your fragrance project at the design stage right through to completion.

Our Technical Expertise

Our team of Research Analysts work closely with Evaluators & Perfumers to create and refine a unique fragrance that technically fits your product specifications.

Our analytical expertise consists of using state of the art technology, including Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy, headspace analysis and extraction with thermal desorption. 

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What is Headspace Gas Chromatography?

Headspace analysis is a  sample preparation method for determining volatile compounds in solid and liquid samples. The technique has existed since the late 1950s and is still actively used. With this technique, only the gas phase above the sample is introduced into the GC column. Through this process we are able to analyse the constituent parts of a product and isolate the fragrance.

Health and Safety

Quality Control and Health and Safety are fundamental requirements which are expected to be in place given the industry we are operating in. Effective company policies and operating procedures are regularly revised and updated in accordance with legislation and regulatory requirements. 

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