What is bespoke fragrance creation and why is it important?

There is no doubt, when it comes to marketing and selling products, fragrance is a powerful tool. As a result, choosing the right scent for your product helps build brand identity and customer loyalty. But how important is the creation of a bespoke scent for your product line? and how do you go about creating a bespoke scent? In this week’s blog we take a look at how a bespoke fragrance is created and how we can help guide you through this process.

bespoke fragrance creation


So first off, what is Bespoke Fragrance Creation?

Bespoke fragrances can be created for any purpose and product and aren’t just for niche fine fragrances or perfumes. These scents can be created any at value and for any product type irrespective of how niche or mass-market the end product may be. From bulk industrial uses and household cleaning products, to personal care and perfumes found on the shelves of luxury major brands. Many of these brands will pride themselves on having a unique, distinctive scent that often comes to epitomise their brand.

At Carvansons we have worked on bespoke scents for both large FMCG clients and small, niche and start-up companies and we go through the same process irrespective of the type or size of request.

Why create a Bespoke Fragrance?

How often have you smelled something and said “That smells like…. (insert brand name here).”

You may not be able to pinpoint the notes, the fragrance direction or even the product but that scent immediately will bring to mind a bottle, image or a brand name.

As previously mentioned fragrance, when used effectively, can increase brand awareness by up to 80%. We help to create fragrances which enhance and represent our customer’s brands. These scents come to signify your brand and present opportunities for brand recognition.

How do we create a bespoke fragrance?

Stage 1 – Creating the Fragrance Brief

fragrance selectionCreating a bespoke fragrance is a journey that begins with inspiration. We often suggest you take some time to reflect on the sort of scents you would like your product to represent. Consider the emotions or experiences you want your fragrance to evoke or how you’d like your product to be perceived.

Bespoke Fragrance creation relies upon the gathering of inspiration from the world around you by exploring different fragrance stimuli and can be derived from anywhere.

When we begin a brand-new fragrance project, our first step is to obtain a brief from you about what you are looking to create.

This can be done through our online sample request form or through a conversation with one of our sales representatives. This is your opportunity to tell us about your project, the scents you are looking to create and what the final project you are looking to create looks like.

We will ask questions relating to what your final product will look like and what sort of customers your product will be used/bought by. It is important to let us know all the potential products that may use this scent, as we are able to guide and advise on what legalities and safety standards your fragrance will need to comply with.

bespoke fragrance creationReady to create your Bespoke Fragrance?

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Understanding Fragrance Notes and Families

Before diving into the world of fragrance creation, it’s important to understand some of the basic components of a scent. Fragrances are composed of different notes, which can be categorised into top, middle, and base notes. Top notes are the initial scents that you smell when applying a fragrance. They are generally light and refreshing, such as citrus or fruit notes. Middle notes, or heart notes, emerge after the top notes have dissipated and provide the core character of a scent, often floral or spicy. Base notes are the foundation of the fragrance and tend to be richer, more lingering scents, such as musk, woods or vanilla.

Furthermore, fragrances can be classified into various families or categories, such as floral, oriental, woody and fresh. Understanding these families will help you identify the types of scents that resonate with you and align with your desired fragrance profile.

This is also your opportunity to advise us on whether we will be working from something you have previously smelled, a previous fragrance you have had or come across or something completely unique that is a brand-new creation. We can work to any number of briefs, images and stimuli.

Stage 2 – Bespoke Fragrance Creation and Sampling

In the next step of the process, we get to work either evaluating the scent you are looking to recreate or if we are starting from scratch, we start the creative process of developing a scent to fit your brief.

We will regularly select and develop a few fragrances and once we are happy we will check them against your requirements, ensure they are fit for purpose and finally send them to you.

How we select the Perfect Ingredients

Once we have interpreted your fragrance brief, we will look to our fragrance libraries and fragrance materials to ensure we select the perfect fragrance ingredients that match your requirements. The skill to creating a high-quality fragrance lies in not only in selecting the most appropriate fragrance ingredients, but also in blending these ingredients at the right percentages so that they harmonise beautifully with each other.

We are able to use essential oils, aromatics or synthetic compounds to create your fragrance. The choice of which of these to use, will heavily depend upon several factors. Essential oils, which are derived directly from plants, can be expensive and become more complex to use in certain final products. Whilst aromatics are chemical compounds that mimic natural scents, can provide a better, safer and potentially cheaper option. Synthetic compounds provide an opportunity to explore unique and fantasy scents not found in nature.

Our sample production department will then create your fragrances and they will then be sent to your chosen destination. If you are working with a third-party to create your final product and wish for the samples to be sent to them, please let us know before this stage.

Stage 3 – Customer Review and Testing

fragrance applicationsThis is a critical part of the fragrance creation development process. Your fragrance sample will arrive with you and this is your opportunity to see firstly if we have interpreted your brief correctly. If there are additional changes and adaptations to be made, please let us know and we can look to either reformulate or select alternative fragrances based on your feedback.

This is also your opportunity to test the fragrance in your final product. It is important to sample and test the fragrances in your bases and manufacturing processes before you proceed to order. Please note that you will need to retest if any changes are made to the product to ensure compatibility with your product. We recommend you complete this stage of the process to ensure your end-product works correctly and adheres to regulations.

When you are finally happy with the aromas we can start to process of producing your final scent ready for use in your product.

Can you trademark a fragrance?

Technically, yes, you can trademark a smell, however, it is rare to do so, as you will have to provide and publish a full list of all the fragrance chemicals and components included in the scent. As a result, this then could be easily replicated.

Can you create a fragrance exclusive to us?

Yes. In doing so we we would create a scent that we will only provide to you.

Want to create your own bespoke fragrance?

Our Bespoke Fragrance Oil Creation and Manufacturing service is focused on helping you create the perfect scent for your product. We work closely with each customer to provide them with unique fragrances that give their products a unique identity. Our talented evaluators and perfumers identify new and exciting trends and raw materials, creating perfumes that excite and delight.

This proactive and individualised approach towards fragrance oil manufacturing means that understanding your fragrance requirements is of paramount importance to us. This proven approach ensures we are at the forefront of the fragrance manufacturing industry.

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About Carvansons

Carvansons is a world-leading manufacturer of mass-market and bespoke fragrance oils for the UK and international markets. Founded in 1941, Carvansons design, test and manufacture fragrance oil for various industries. Our fragrances can be found in industrial and home care products, fine fragrance, room scents and personal care. We comply with IFRA guidance around the use of fragrances and can provide all safety information where required. Our experienced and dedicated team of fragrance experts are well placed to support and advise on the latest trends and research. We provide a bespoke and tailored service perfumery creation service that supports your needs. Working in partnership with our customers, we help create the perfect fragrances for their products and build long-term relationships.

We work with many different companies throughout the world, which include both household names and smaller, niche industries. As a result, we look to advise and consult with you on the perfect scents for your product through market research and new product development.

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