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A Global Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturer

Carvansons is a world-leading fragrance manufacturer. Our fragrance oil is used globally in the cosmetic, personal care, household and industrial manufacturing sectors. As a global fragrance manufacturer we create high-quality compounds, aromas and perfumes with a worldwide presence.

Founded in 1941, Carvansons is a third generation family-owned fragrance manufacturer with facilities throughout the world.

Our extensive market research and new product development helps us to advise and consult with you on the perfect perfumes and fragrances for your product. We can also create samples, enabling you to test your chosen scent with your product to ensure you select the right aroma to complement your products and market.

Carvansons help create products that inspire and delight.

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Global Fragrance Manufacturer

As a global perfume manufacturer, we work with many different companies throughout the world. These include both household names and smaller, niche industries. It is these customers, countries and cultures which help influence our scents and collections. From highly functional or beautifully indulgent products, we can create a fragrance oil solution that benefits and complements your product, brand and target audience. We work with both household names and smaller, niche businesses to help them create brand identity and a unique proposition for their products. Due to our extensive international reach, we can work with you to create the right product for your market.

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UK Fragrance Oil Manufacturer and Distributor

As a result of our extensive distribution network, we can offer a fast, flexible and responsive delivery service. As an experienced fragrance manufacturer we know how important it is to have a reliable supply chain, we work with you ensure you have the support you need to create the right product and right time for your customers.

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Your Partner in Fragrance Manufacture

From fine fragrance and personal care to industrial and homecare products, we can find the perfect fragrance for your products. Our talented perfumers and creative teams work with you to find the right scent for your next product launch. Due to our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of fragrance oils, allergens and legislation, we are able to talk you through the options available and highlight the best options for your product.

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Download our 2022 Fragrance Trends ebook

2022 Perfume Trends

Analysing fragrance trends and advising our customers on upcoming fragrance ideas is a critical part of what we do at Carvansons. In this ebook, you will learn
🌿    Some of the fragrance and perfume trends set to be big in 2022
🍃    Fashion & consumer buying trends that we expect to see gain momentum
🌹    Plus some of the most popular fragrances being used in personal care, hair care, skin care and household products.


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