Fragrance Applications

Understanding fragrance applications is what we do best. Our fragrance oils can be used in a variety of different applications and range from highly technical & functional to pure indulgent and sophisticated specifications.  Our team of experts can create any fragrance for any product.

Personal Care

We create a wide range of fragrances suitable for the diverse and ever-changing Personal Care and Beauty industry.

best fragrances for cleaning products

Household Products

Demand for for home care and cleaning products has grown but getting the right scent has become critical to product success.

fragrance for homecare products

Industrial Products

We create a wide range of fragrances suitable for Industrial products.


Fine Fragrance and Perfume

We create Fine Fragrances and Perfume which are a delicate and complex myriad of notes, which evoke powerful emotions.


Pet Care

We provide fragrances suitable for pet shampoos, pet care and cleaning and animal deterrents

room frag

Room Fragrance

Air freshener solutions include scented disks, powders, liquid sprays and odour neutralisers.


Candle Fragrance

We have thousands of candle fragrances suitable for all moods, purposes and brands.

car shampoo fragrance

Car Care

The car care industry has seen major changes, especially as people look to extend and maintain the value of their cars.

  • Fine fragrances

  • Home fragrance

  • Personal care

  • Household products

  • Industrial

  • Automotive

  • Aroma chemicals and essential oils

  • Pet Products  

Fragrance Applications

With an experienced and dedicated team of fragrance experts, Carvansons are well placed to support and advise on the latest trends and research and provide a bespoke and tailored service that supports your needs. We work in partnership with our customers to create the perfect fragrances for their products and build long-term relationships. Whether it be fragrance for candle making or the perfect fragrance for your personal or skincare product we can help guide you.

Finding the right ingredients for your product

When starting to look at fragrancing your product, there are a wide range of things to consider and one of those most crucial is finding the right compounds for your product. We consult closely with IFRA and other bodies to ensure product is perfect for your target market.

Take a look at our Useful Guide to Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

We help customers understand the complex and ever-changing nature of chemical compounds for the perfume industry and are happy to help and advise you on the right formulation for your entire product range.

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