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We know how difficult it can be to navigate the world of fragrance design and manufacture. Using our 80 years of fragrance manufacturing experience we help advise our customers on the right perfume or fragrance selection for their products, suggest how to get the most from your fragrance and answer any fragrance-specific queries you may have.

Below we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If, however, your question isn’t covered below please contact us at hello@carvansons.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fragrance Creation

Yes, we provide free of charge samples of all fragrances as it is extremely important to test formulations before you purchase. Please give feedback to these samples once you have evaluated as we can always rework or re-select a fragrance to help ensure compatibility with your bases and manufacturing processes.

When requesting samples, it is important for Carvansons Ltd to know the products and potential future products the aromas will be used in, along with the dosage levels you aim to work at. Furthermore, if you can advise on any legislative and formulation preferences you would like the formulations to conform to, we can keep this in mind whilst formulating and selecting.

We are experts at supporting customers with fragrance selections. With over 80 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge about fragrance development and how you can create a signature scent that sets your product apart. Talk to one of our advisors today.

Selecting fragrance for skincare and personal care products can be complex. We are able to provide allergen-free and skincare-specific fragrances. We can also re-formulate and adapt fragrances to make them suitable for skincare and personal care uses. We can provide advice and guidance on skincare fragrances to ensure the scent you select is fit for its intended use.

As a specialist in bespoke fragrance creation, we are constantly developing new fragrances. As a result, we are unable to offer a brochure of our fragrances. We have an extensive library of fragrances This does however mean if we don’t already have a fragrance you require, we can easily create it. We are also able to work from a customer brief or provide a selection of suitable options that you may wish to consider.

For further information on our aromas please contact our team.

Yes, Carvansons Ltd provides a unique and bespoke fragrance creation service tailored to meet any brief requirement. Our talented evaluators and creative perfumers constantly identify new and exciting trends and raw materials to offer a world of fragrance that supports and compliments your business. Click here to send us a fragrance brief.

Fragrances can be;

  • Fully natural, made using essential oils
  • Created using only synthetic aromatic materials
  • A blend of both essential oils and synthetic aromatic materials.

Most fragrances tend to be a mix of essential oils and synthetic aromatic materials however whichever option you choose, we can always formulate or recommend capabilities to a specific brief and IFRA requirements.

Some chemicals used to create fragrances are classed as allergens. Allergenic chemicals can occur from some synthetic aromatic materials but also naturally within essential oils. All our fragrances are submitted with Allergen Declarations which will advise any allergens present in the formulations along with their inclusion levels.

Chemicals, natural and synthetic are constantly retested by IFRA for safety in use, for more information please take a look at the IFRA website.

Carvansons Ltd has a large range of allergen-free fragrances, if you would like further information on these aromas, please get in touch.

Our fragrances are used in a wide range of products, anything which has a smell we can create an aroma for. We produce fragrances for consumer products, including, fine fragrance industry, home fragrance, household and personal care products. We also provide fragrances for industrial uses, automotive industries and event spaces, to name a few.

Technically, yes, you can trademark a smell, however, it is rare to do so, as you will have to provide and publish a full list of all the fragrance chemicals and components included in the scent. As a result, this then could be found by competitors or those wishing to replicate the scent and as a result, they would only need to change one small element and the scent could in theory be confirmed as a brand new scent.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fragrance Development and Manufacturing

All products have different fragrance requirements and thresholds. It is worth taking your time and testing different dosages of the fragrance in your product. All fragrances supplied by Carvansons LTD are issued with IFRA Conformity Certificates, this is an extremely important document when deciding on your fragrance dosage as it will advise what level you can safely use the aroma up to in different product categories. Please note the IFRA certificate does not advise an actual dosage you should be using but just a maximum safety limit.

A large aspect of dosage is down to your personal preference, cost and the amount of aroma your base can hold. If your base has a smell to it, you may find you have to add a higher dosage of aroma to cover the smell of the base before getting the benefit of the aroma.

There is an optimum limit with fragrances where no further benefit can be added from increasing the dosage. Overdosing could cause issues with your product’s manufacture and functionality.

For further information on recommended dosage levels for specific products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes, blending fragrances together is a great way to create new scents. We can advise on how this can be done safely and to the best effect. Please note any amendments to formulations will require reassessments and technical documents.

Carvansons Ltd can offer fragrance triangles upon request of any fragrances and can we also advise on how you can describe your fragrance for use in your own marketing.

The flashpoint of a fragrance is the temperature at which it becomes combustible if exposed to a spark or flame. The flashpoint for each fragrance is located on the CLP Safety Data Sheet under Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties. Should you require testing at a specific temperature, we can help test this for you.

We normally advise a shelf life of 18 months* for fragrances as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and headspace is kept to a minimum. We would recommend that you are using the fragrance oil to decant the aroma into smaller containers to limit the headspace and reduce oxidisation. For more information about this please contact our team.

*Please note although the shelf life is 18 months, we advise using your fragrance within 12 months to ensure you get the best impact from it.

We are a member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and comply with all regulatory requirements. We apply the IFRA Code of Practice to the manufacturing of fragrances and conform to COSHH and CLP for the handling of all fragrance materials. Click here for more information about the regulatory requirements we follow.

The fragrances we create are made to order and as a result, take time to manufacture. This ensures that the product is specifically created for your order and ensures that the product maintains it’s potency for the maximum length of time. We aim to manufacture orders within 10 working days from order confirmation or receipt of payment if you are on pro-forma invoice. Please note this is only a guide and is subject to change due to the availability of raw materials and other mitigating factors.

All fragrances created by Carvansons Ltd are Carvansons Ltd intellectual property. The only exception to this rule is if you come to us with your own formulation which identifies particular raw materials and inclusions to be made up in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions – My Order

The minimum order quantity for any of our fragrance formulations is 2kg. For our essential oil blends it is only 1kg.

Our fragrances are made to order and take time to manufacture. By doing this we ensure that your product is specifically created for you. This also ensures that the longevity of the product is maintained for the maximum length of time. We aim to manufacture orders within 10 working days from order confirmation or receipt of payment if you are on pro-forma invoice. Please note this is only a guide. Factors such as the availability of raw materials can have an impact on manufacturing time-scales. If you require greater details regarding this please contact us when requesting samples/ placing your order.

We will always endeavour to fulfil your order as quickly as possible, but delivery can be adversely affected by any number of factors. If your order is time-sensitive, please state this when confirming your order and we will do our best to meet your timescales.

You can track your order by getting in contact with our sales team at sales@carvansons.co.uk

Due to fragrance formulations being specific to product types and requirements we do not operate a returns policy. If you believe there is a problem with the goods upon receipt of an order, please contact sales@carvansons.co.uk within 7 days from the delivery date and we will raise an investigation.

We can only accept returned goods if we are satisfied that those goods are defective. Our full terms and conditions are available by contacting our team.

Please contact our sales team sales@carvansons.co.uk at your earliest opportunity if changes are required. Please note: we cannot guarantee that changes can be made but we will try to resolve any issues where possible.

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