Fragrance Application Samples

Our Fragrance creations are found in a wide range of products and applications. Testing your chosen fragrance oils in your base application is essential.

Whether you’re creating a new product or trying out a new scent, it’s important to know how the fragrance oil will interact with your ingredients and what effect it may have on your final product.

Beauty products, personal care, cleaning products, candles or any other formulations will have their own set of unique criteria that ensures your product functions appropriately.

Fragrance Application Samples

The Carvansons Application Samples Team work with you to ensure the fragrance you select is suitable for your intended final product.

Our Applications process includes:

  • Evaluating fragrance oil to ensure the sample blends accordingly
  • Measuring the impact quality, aroma and colour will have on the final product
  • Supplying samples in both their oil form and upon request providing the fragrance sample as a cream, spray or candle.

We can provide our customers with a sample of their chosen fragrance in the following application types

  • Body Lotions
  • Body Washes
  • Candles
  • Perfume sprays
  • Reed Diffusers
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
perfume spray samples

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How Important is Testing Fragrances in a Base or Final Product?

We provide free of charge samples of all of our fragrances, as it is extremely important to test and check the formulations before you purchase. The level of fragrance in a product can affect the manufacturing and effectiveness of your end product. By requesting a sample in its intended application, you are able to experience the product as your customers might and provides reassurance that your final product will meet your and your customer’s expectations!

It is important to let us know all potential future products the aromas will be used in, along with the dosage levels you aim to work at. We are able to provide allergen-free and skincare-specific fragrances and can also re-formulate and adapt fragrances to make them suitable for your product, whilst keeping in mind any IFRA regulations.

By doing this we can ensure the fragrance selected is appropriate for your needs.

Not found the right fragrance for your product?

We are happy to rework or re-select a fragrance to help ensure compatibility with your bases and manufacturing processes.

Fragrance application samples