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28 Sep 2023

The Scent Profile | Meet Aimi Fragrance Procurement Executive

In this edition of the scent profile, we interview one of our longest-standing employees, Aimi our Senior Procurement Officer. Aimi plays a critical role in sourcing and agreeing the best price for the raw materials required for perfume creation. We talk to her about what her role entails and the challenges involved in sourcing perfumery ingredients. Name: Aimi Heywood Job Title: Senior Procurement Officer [...]

20 Sep 2023

Colour Scents: The Link Between Colour and Fragrance

From lavender fields to amber sunsets, there has always been a strong link between colour hues and scents. Have you ever noticed how a certain colour can transport you to a specific memory or evoke a particular emotion? Well, the fascinating relationship between colour and scent goes far beyond our visual perceptions and dives deep into the realm of perfume. So as Pantone launch [...]

18 Sep 2023

Halloween Traditions | A Spooky Fragrance Collection

Halloween Traditions Fragrance Collection Welcome to our Halloween fragrance collection, where spooky scents come to life! Brace yourself for an olfactory experience like no other, as we dive into the realm of mysterious, spine-chilling aromas. The Halloween Fragrance Collection is a selection of six winter-inspired fragrances suitable for: Room sprays Reeds Candles Request Samples The Inspiration behind the Collection Introducing the Halloween Fragrance Collection [...]

11 Sep 2023

Amber Fragrances | What is an Amber Fragrance?

Amber fragrances have been a staple of perfumery for centuries but this enigmatic scent category is full of complexity and controversy. In this blog, we take a look at this often misunderstood fragrance category. What is an Amber Fragrance? So first of all, Amber can be both a fragrance category and also a fragrance note and can be found in a wide range of [...]

5 Sep 2023

Hair Perfume | Fragrance Trend Alert

Hair Perfume (Yes, you heard it right) is big right now. 💇 What are Hair Perfumes? Often referred to as hair mists, hair perfumes are fragranced products specifically designed to impart a long-lasting scent to your beloved locks. Unlike traditional perfumes, hair perfumes are formulated with a lower alcohol content, making them suitable and safe for direct application to the hair. These delightful concoctions [...]

15 Aug 2023

Home Fragrance | Gourmand and Foodie Fragrances

The trend for sweet, gourmand food and drinks scents is nothing new but there is a growing interest in foodie scents for home fragrance right now which are good enough to eat. Foodie Home Fragrance Foodie home fragrances are becoming really popular. But the link between scent and taste is becoming a buzz topic. From eating experiences in the dark, bottomless brunches to the [...]

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