Carvansons has been listed as a finalist for the Lancashire Red Rose Awards in the Export category. Carvansons exports to over 20 countries and has local offices in 11 countries including, Phlippines, Thailand and Ghana.

Lancashire Red Rose Awards

red rose awardsThe awards ceremony will take place in June at the Winter Gardens at Blackpool.

Carvansons will present their case in person to a panel of hand-picked, independent judges and sponsors at a special event on April 27 and 28.  The judges will then pick a winner in each of the 22 categories. These categories cover many different sectors and sizes of business, as well as specific achievements such as customer service excellence and going green.

“This is such an exciting time for us as a business. Not only have we in the last 6 months moved our head office and production facilities, but we have also had one of the largest months of sales and invested in brand-new technologies that will help expand and develop what we do.”  says director Luke Whowell.

About Carvansons

Carvansons is a world-leading creator and compounder of bulk fragrance oil. Our fragrances are used globally in the cosmetic, personal care, household and industrial manufacturing sectors. As a global fragrance manufacturer we create high-quality fragrance oil compounds, aromas and perfumes with a worldwide presence.

We work with many different companies throughout the world, which include both big brand names and smaller, niche industries. Whether your product is highly functional or beautifully indulgent, we can find a fragrance that suits.  We create fragrances that benefit and complement your product, brand and target audience. Contact us now.