Chypre Fragrances

Although one of the most used terms in perfumery it is one of the least simple to describe. We take a look at Chypres and the fragrances that fall under the category of Chypre.

What are Chypre Fragrances?

The chypre fragrances generally fit into the Oriental and Woody family of fragrance wheel classification. They can also be classified into several styles: Leather and/or animalic chypres, such as Bandit by Robert Piguet (1944), Cabochard by Grès (1959), and Azurée (1969) by Estée Lauder.

The word chypre, pronounced sheep-rah (yes, we were saying it wrong as well!), is taken from the French word meaning Cyprus. The island was once at the heart of the perfume trade, and the term ‘chypre’ appeared in fragrance manuals as far back as the 18th century. But it wasn’t until famous perfumer François Coty established chypre as a fragrance family that it took on the role it maintains today.

Renowned in perfume circles as one of a small handful of fragrance families (you may be familiar with others like floral, amber and Fougere), chypre is a term used to categorise a specific type of scent profile.

A ‘classic’ chypre scent typically starts with a fresh hit of citrus notes, followed by florals and an earthy, woody base to round it off. It playfully contrasts light and airy with deep and musky, to dramatic effect.

What does a Chypre smell like?

If you’ve ever been for a walk in a woodland area during autumn, where the leaves have fallen off the trees and they crunch beneath your feet – that warm, earthy aroma of nature is an excellent representation of a classic chypre scent. Think oakmoss and wood tied together with hints of bergamot.

With that said, the chypre fragrance family is no one-trick pony. Instead, when the chypre structure is introduced to different facets, it can completely transform the nature of the scent.

What perfumes fall into the category of a Chypre Fragrance?

L’eau by Chloe

Like sipping ice-cool lemonade on a sunshine-drenched day, L’Eau by Chloe will refresh your senses with every spritz. From the zing of citrus at the top to the rosewater heart and oakmoss base, it’s elegantly fresh and modern.

Legend by Mont Blanc

For a scent that adds mystery and intrigue, Legend by Mont Blanc is sure to keep them guessing. Fresh notes of pineapple leaf and apple meet woody-floral oakmoss, cedar and pomarose, resulting in a clean-meets-woody profile, perfect for the dapper gent.

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