Coconut Fragrance Oil is very literally Summer in a Nutshell, isn’t it? Spring and Summer are here again and even if you don’t have far-flung exotic travels booked right now, we can’t help but want to indulge in some of the sunny and exotic scents that remind us of summer, beaches and crystal clear waters.


Coconut is once again going to be big for 2022 and we are here for it and ready to put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up!

What is a Coconut Fragrance?

Whilst Coconut doesn’t have much of a scent, the scent we associate with coconut is derived from the flesh of the coconut. When combined with a number of complementary scents, Coconut fragrance is found in scented soaps, shampoos, lotions and more.

What does Coconut Fragrance Oil smell like?

Coconut has been used in alternative medicine, cooking, cosmetics and the perfume industry for many years and is still high on the list of popular fragrance notes.

Coconut is quite an unusual scent as fragrances go. It can be both sweet and fruity, whilst also being milky, deep and intense. And once again this all depends upon that all-important blend of fragrances and aromas. And let’s be honest, if there was ever a fragrance that screams cocktail, then Coconut is first in the queue.

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What makes a good Coconut fragrance?

In perfumery, it brings both freshness and juicy accords and creamy, sweet tones and soft textures. When combined with fragrant floral notes, Coconut really comes into its own. Mixed with Orange Blossom, Neroli, Bergamot or Lime the coconut fragrance creates an exotic concoction.

However, when used in other applications, such as personal care and skincare, it can release its more decadent and indulgent side. Products that pair coconut with chocolate, tonka or vanilla notes just exude luxury and relaxation.

We’ve recently spoken about the rise of vanilla notes in perfumery and there is no doubt that coconut and vanilla are definitely BBF’s when it comes to the world of fragrance.

coconut fragrance oil

What applications does a Coconut Fragrance Oil work best in?

Coconut has always been a fragrance adored by personal care manufacturers. Body and skincare products are made for the summer scent of coconut. Body butters, hand creams and even hair shampoos have regularly indulged the sweet yet exotic scent of coconut, helping transport us to far-flung exotic destinations without us even having to leave our homes.

More recently, we have also seen this uplifting scent making its way into household cleaning products, air care solutions and tissues. So this multi-functional scent isn’t just for the summer months.

Fine fragrances and perfumes have also capitalised on this feel-good fragrance and here are just a couple of our favourites.

Some of our Favourite Coconut Fragrances

La Nuit Tresor Nude by Lancome

This is a favourite of our UK Head of Sales, Helen. Launched in 2020, this stunning floral fragrance for women combines Rose, Coconut and Vanilla. This fragrance is bang on-trend and features come of our favourite combinations of fragrance notes.

spring summer 2022 fragrance trends

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Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Guerlain

Well this one definitely does what it says on the tin!

This aromatic but fruity fragrance features a combination of coconut and exotic notes of Bergamot and Tonka. Tonka is another fragrance we are seeing lots about at the moment.

Crystal Noir by Versace

Now for something slightly different.

Crystal Noir by Versace is an Amber/Floral fragrance for women and where the other fragrances on our list are all about the exotic and fresh, this fragrance shows the adaptability of the coconut fragrance. This fragrance is a sensual and enticing fragrance where floral notes are blended with spices whilst building upon a woody and musky base.

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