Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, Aromatic Compounds and can often cause confusion for product manufacturers.

It is just one of the many questions we encounter from new customers when they first embark on their fragrance selection journey. And it is a really good question, as it is strewn with misconceptions.

When you initially start fragrancing a product, there can be a wide range of things to consider. One of the most important elements is what that fragrance is made up of. So, in today’s blog, we thought we’d give you a brief overview of the things to consider when selecting your ingredients.

What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are a blend of speciality aromatic chemicals which have been developed for their unique odour. These can also be known as Aromatic Compounds. Using these chemicals, we can create a spectrum of aroma profiles which give your product its own identity.

If you are making a natural product, a natural fragrance can be created for you.  This is a blend of essential oils.


essential oil manufactureWhat are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are made up of naturally occurring chemicals that contain a range of heath, wellbeing and therapeutic properties. You can use essential oils for aromatherapy, meditation, reed diffusers, massage oils and therapeutic baths. The process of extraction is by distillation or cold pressing.



Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils – Which is best for your product?

Fragrance oil products

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As with all chemicals, there are risk to using essential oils and fragrance oils.

Essential oils have powerful aromatic properties and are ideal for room fragrancing and aromatherapy. But, they aren’t always suitable for every product. The potency and potential risks of essential oils require that you use them with care. All of the blends within our fragrance library confirm to IFRA guidelines to ensure they are safe of use.

The best course of action is to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable fragrance manufacturer or perfumer. They can provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the right fragrance type for your product.


There is a lot of scientific and technical expertise that goes into the creation of new fragrances. From the technical process of isolating exact chemicals and fragrances, to the evaluation of the constituent parts that make up a fragrance. Our fragrance experts help to guide you through the process. From creating a brief for your fragrance project at the design stage, through to providing samples, testing and evaluation; our talented fragrance team are here every step of the way.

Need help understanding the fragrance regulations that affect your products?

Consult with our helpful and experienced team about the right scent for your next product. Our industry knowledge and understanding of perfumery, allergens and industry regulations means we can help advise you on the options available. This research can help us suggest and advise upon which fragrances are best suited to your product.

We are a member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)  and comply with the IFRA Code of Practice regarding the manufacturing and handling of all fragrance materials. Our customers depend on our support with regulation and labelling compliance. By helping our customers navigate international CLP labelling and allergen guidance we can help ensure the have the right fragrance for their products.

fragrance oilLooking for the right Fragrance Oils for your products?

Our team of Research Analysts work closely with Evaluators & Perfumers to create and refine a unique fragrance oil that fits your product specifications.

Our analytical expertise consists of using state of the art technology, including Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy, headspace analysis and extraction with thermal desorption. We have an extensive fragrance library, which comprises of over 7,000 fragrance oils and perfumery materials. This is a very important resource for us, as it helps guide and support our perfumers.

Finally, it is important to consult with an experienced perfumery team whenever you are looking to launch any new product. Our industry knowledge and understanding of ingredients means we can advise you on the best options available.

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