chocolateThursday 7th July is World Chocolate Day 🌎 🍫 🥰 so we decided to celebrate the intoxicating smell of chocolate and the chocolate fragrance notes that make us go mmmmmm …Chocolaaaate!!!

The History of Chocolate Fragrance notes in Perfumery

Cocoa was first developed as a crop in South America, with the Aztecs and Mayans being the most well-known of these indigenous populations growing Cocoa. Researchers have found evidence of cocoa-based food dating back several thousand years. In Europe, chocolate was originally considered to be an aphrodisiac. Prepared with mixed spices or corn puree, it was only available to the richest people. It has also been associated with wrongdoing and deemed as the devil’s potion.

Today chocolate is one the most popular treats worldwide. And who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate… ?!

Despite such a long history of eating and drinking chocolate, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that this sweet material arrived in perfumery. Thierry Mugler’s Angel, unveiled in 1992, was the first fragrance to feature chocolate in a very sweet base alongside caramel, vanilla and patchouli. This introduced a new genre: the gourmand perfume.

Why does Chocolate Smell so Good? and what does a Chocolate Fragrance Smell like?

For many the smell of chocolate is much more enticing than the actual taste.

Roasted cocoa beans which are rich in beta-ionone, a compound also found in perfume and essential oils, is what contributes to the irresistible scent of chocolate. Although the natural fragrance of Chocolate derives from the Cocoa seeds, the scent (in perfumery) is usually created synthetically. It is common for Vanillin to play a big part in chocolate creations, which more often than not is derived synthetically, rather than using natural Vanilla.

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What other Fragrance Notes does a Chocolate Fragrance work well with?

chocolate fragrances

Perfumes with a chocolate note are usually quite complex and are not always the sweet note that you may expect. These fragrances can, however, be very long lasting and exude deep aromas that dazzle us with their seductive and warming facets.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel is a prime example of a perfume that builds upon these complementary fragrance notes. The inclusion of fragrance notes like Vanilla, Tonka and Patchouli, which have a chocolatey nuance, enhance the sophistication of the fragrance.

The synthetic materials used to make chocolate, such as pyrazines, can be very powerful. As a result, they often only require a small inclusion within a formulation to give a rich chocolate effect.

Other notes often associated with chocolate include coffee, roasted chestnuts and cream.

What applications does a Chocolate Fragrance work best in?

Well unsurprisingly it is a very versatile scent and can be found in fine fragrance, body and skincare and home fragrance. It really can be found in a vast array of products and formulations. As a result, we regularly get requests for chocolate scents especially during Autumn and Winter. Candles and home fragrance products are a perfect end destination for these warming and comforting fragrances.

Our Favourite Fragrances with Chocolate notes

Princess by Vera Wang for her

We love a decadent chocolatey treat, don’t we? Chocolate being the versatile fragrance note that it is, means that it is perfect for blending with tart, spicy and fruity notes. A perfect example of this is Princess by Vera Wang, where the chocolatey scent works exceptionally well. Consequentially, the bitterness of dark chocolate combined with tart apricot and creamy vanilla and amber makes for an intoxicating concoction.

Chocolate perfumesBlack Orchid by Tom Ford for him & her

Tom Ford loves creating a good old mix of scents and this one is a chocolate-inspired scent that is just for adults.  Spices, exotic flowers and chocolate. There’s a lot to like in this fragrance.

Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss

This elegant fragrance combines an energetic burst of pink pepper and green mandarin with an intoxicating base aroma of cocoa.

Matcha Meditation By Maison Margiela

Indulging in your Chocolate fix is all about relaxation and time to de-stress. This is probably why we see so many chocolate notes in Candles, and bath and body products. Matcha Meditation combines the relaxing scent of matcha tea with a fresh burst of green florals. Finally the fragrance finishes with notes of white chocolate and warming woods. This fragrance is like a big warm hug in a bottle.

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