Hair Perfume (Yes, you heard it right) is big right now. 💇

What are Hair Perfumes?

hair perfumeOften referred to as hair mists, hair perfumes are fragranced products specifically designed to impart a long-lasting scent to your beloved locks. Unlike traditional perfumes, hair perfumes are formulated with a lower alcohol content, making them suitable and safe for direct application to the hair. These delightful concoctions are laced with aromatic notes, natural oils and are now packed with conditioning ingredients that not only nourish but also fragrance every strand of your hair.

What are the benefits of Hair Perfumes?

Unlike other fragrance products such as body mists and fragranced body oils, hair perfumes can provide an extended fragrance duration. Unlike body perfumes that tend to dissipate throughout the day, hair perfumes have the remarkable ability to linger for longer.

But the appeal of hair perfumes doesn’t stop there. Many hair perfumes are enriched with nourishing elements and heat protectants, which can help shield your hair from the harmful effects of styling tools and environmental factors. It’s like a delightful treat for your hair, leaving it smelling heavenly while providing some much-needed care.

summer fragrance collectionThe Sun-Kissed Fragrance Collection

A selection of six scent suitable for haircare and personal care

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The Best Hair Perfumes

Sol De Janeiro Cheirosa ’62 Hair & Body Fragrance MistSol De Janeiro Cheirosa ’62 Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

A body fragrance mist, bursting with an alluring pistachio and salted caramel scent. Brazilian Crush instantly transports you to the sultry beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian Crush is a delightfully sunny, daily immersion for use on body and hair.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Hair Mist

The success of this perfume cannot be oversold. This was the scent of 2021 and still regularly features in the list of top 20 fragrances. Baccarat Rouge 540 is described as a luminous and sophisticated scent with unmistakable notes of amber floral and woods. It is, without doubt, one of the most loved perfumes by our customers.

Guerlain Les Absolus d’Orient Santal Royal Hair Mist

The Santal Royal Hair Mist, is an elegant, woody fragrance brightened by fresh florals. Rose and jasmine slip into deeper notes of leather and oud accord, wrapping every strand in its delicate, ethereal scent for an instant hair upgrade.

Our Favourite Fragrance Oils for Hair Perfumes

Fragrance Oil for Hair Perfume – Silky Sandalwood

This is an elegant scent with woody and light facets. Sandalwood has a creamy and richly deep fragrance that instantly coneys a nourishing and comforting element in any product it is included in. Our Smoothing Sandalwood scent Is very popular for use in a wide range of hair and personal care products.

Morrocan Argan Fragrance OilFragrance Oil for Hair Perfume – Morrocan Argan Fragrance Oil

The smell of this oil has a nutty aroma similar to hazelnut. Moroccan argan oil, with its intoxicating fragrance, is like a luxurious treat for your senses. Derived from the kernels of the argan tree native to Morocco, this exquisite oil has been treasured for centuries for its remarkable benefits. The captivating scent of Moroccan argan oil is reminiscent of warm exotic spices floating in the air, creating an aura of indulgence and mystery.

Fragrance Oil for Hair Perfume – Mango Mist

This incredible scent is designed specifically to tantalise your senses. The scent immediately encapsulates images of nourishment, life and rejuvenation. The sweet and exotic fragrance of mangoes will transport your senses to tropical paradises, giving you a refreshing and pleasant feeling throughout the day.

Fragrance Oil for Hair Perfume – Coconut Care

Our smoothing coconut hair scent is a delightful fragrance oil that transports you to a tropical paradise with just one spritz. Created with the utmost care, this scent would not only leave your tresses smelling fresh and invigorating but would transport you to sunnier climates with the sun in your hair. The aromatic blend of coconut essence is captivating!

Fragrance Oil for Hair Perfume – Caffeine Control

This is a more recent inclusion in our favourite hair perfume list and where many people probably wouldn’t necessarily fancy the idea of their hair smelling of coffee/caffeine, this rides on the back of the marketing clout of caffeine-infused products, intended to give body and hair products an added burst of energy and other restorative properties.  The Coffee scent is being used to convey the marketing message of growing and restoring your hair.

Looking for the perfect Hair Perfume Scent for your Haircare product?

Finding the right fragrance for your product can be complex. Carvansons help support and advise you on the latest fragrance trends. We help design and develop your unique fragrance that gives a unique identity to your product. Our experienced and dedicated team of fragrance experts can provide a bespoke and tailored service that supports your needs.

About Carvansons

Carvansons is a world-leading manufacturer of mass-market and bespoke aroma compounds for the UK and international markets. Founded in 1941, Carvansons design, test and manufacture fragrance oil for various industries. Our fragrances can be found in industrial and home care products, fine fragrance, room scents and personal care. We comply with IFRA guidance around the use of fragrances and can provide all safety information where required. Our experienced and dedicated team of fragrance experts are well placed to support and advise on the latest trends and research. We provide a bespoke and tailored service perfumery creation service that supports your needs. Working in partnership with our customers, we help create the perfect fragrances for their products and build long-term relationships.

We work with many different companies throughout the world, which include both household names and smaller, niche industries. As a result, we look to advise and consult with you on the perfect scents for your product through market research and new product development.

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