The trend for sweet, gourmand food and drinks scents is nothing new but there is a growing interest in foodie scents for home fragrance right now which are good enough to eat.

Foodie Home Fragrance

Foodie home fragrances are becoming really popular. But the link between scent and taste is becoming a buzz topic. From eating experiences in the dark, bottomless brunches to the continued rise of plant-based diets, we are continuing to expect more from these experiences. This is now translating into our scent choices.

foodie home fragranceThe world of perfumery is continually evolving, and one exciting trend that has emerged in recent years is the blending of scents with cocktail and café experiences. Perfume brands have also begun experimenting with scents that replicate cocktails and other drinks.

Cafe to Go – Coffee Shop-Inspired Fragrance

Perfume brands are not stopping at cocktail collaborations; they’re also extending their olfactory expertise into the realm of cafes. The concept of “scented cafés” blends fragrance with gastronomy, creating unique atmospheres that engage customers in a full sensory experience.

Perfume brands are actively involved in curating these fragrant experiences to complement their olfactory creations. Fragrance inspired by pastries, cakes and desserts take centre stage, offering mouthwatering treats that titillate both taste and smell.

Did you know: The UK’s favourite fragrance is freshly baked bread

A survey, carried out by decorating brand Harris, found that the UK’s favourite scent is freshly baked bread. Close contenders also included cooked bacon, freshly cut grass and coffee. Since our memories are triggered by smell, these home-y scents help us remember tasty meals, lovely days out and cosy nights in with a good cuppa.

Why is Gourmand Home Fragrance big right now?

Well, much of it comes from the fact that many of these scents will remind us of our childhood and as many of us don’t have the time to bake or cook as often as we may like, these fragrances recreate some of the scents we would have associated with home when growing up.

cake shop fragrance collection

Introducing the Cake Shop Collection

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What are the Best Foodie Home Fragrances?

Caramel Latte

Is there anything more comforting than the rich aroma of coffee? Rich, velvety caramel latte hits your nose, instantly transporting you to your favourite coffee shop. The warm and comforting scent wraps around you like a snug blanket, making you forget all your worries, and suddenly life feels just a little bit sweeter. Caramel latte as a home fragrance isn’t necessarily for everyone however, but many of our international customers (especially South East Asia) absolutely love these as home fragrance and room scents, capturing the essence of silky caramel sauce drizzled over steaming hot espresso. Our latest Caramel Latte scent blends together caramel, vanilla, and roasted coffee beans to create an experience that will awaken your senses and have you craving for that first sip of a delicious latte.

Hazelnut and Praline

A smooth, nutty fragrance with indulgent and decadent caramel notes. Not only does it smell absolutely mouthwatering, but our room spray is also super easy to use. Just a couple of spritzes and voilà! Instantly transform any room into a cosy sanctuary bursting with the heavenly scent of warm hazelnuts and a hint of caramelized praline. Whoever said a sensory escape was just a dream clearly hasn’t tried our amazing fragrance yet. With our Hazelnut and Praline room fragrance, you can wave goodbye to any unwanted odours and say hello to a warm and inviting atmosphere that’ll make your guests’ jaws drop (in the best way possible). Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, hosting a gathering, or simply want to give your space a touch of deliciousness, our fragrance is here to elevate your senses and create a truly delightful ambience.


Pistachio fragrancesEveryone has gone a little nuts recently for Pistachio Fragrances. Kayali’s Yum Pistachio Gelato became an overnight success earlier in the year and although it is definitely a nutty scent, there is much more about this fragrance that makes it a perfume that we are likely to see being popular for a while. It is a very gourmand scent with lots of sweet and sugary notes.

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Cinnamon and Apple

Ok, this is very much inspired by Christmas, but this scent is one that comes back around time and time again. Think warm apple pie, apple strudel and baked apples. This scent is homely, reassuring and comforting and we absolutely adore it when we

Best Home Fragrance Products – Our Foodie Favourites

Overose – Croissant

You wouldn’t think that golden crispy puff pastry would be a fragrance note that would be so big but The Croisant Cadle from Overrose smells as delicious as it tastes. This candle smells exactly like warm Parisian croissants!

Café Noir Signature Aroma Diffuser

This complex aromatic blend of intoxicating coffee is topped with an added twist of blackcurrant, tuberose, vanilla & sandalwood finally resting on an intense rich full-bodied espresso accord.

Hygge Scent Diffuser – Danish DNA

This Danish brand has created a cosy reed diffuser scent which combines black tea and mint leaves, dried apples and a dusting of baked cinnamon. Very homely.

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