As humans, we have always had a strong relationship with nature and as a result, woody fragrances have always featured heavily in the most popular fragrances for men. A wood fragrance taps into our need to embrace our natural surroundings. This concept is becoming increasingly important as we take into consideration our mental health and sense of wellbeing.

This fragrance collection explores our relationship with the natural world and evokes the sensation of being at one with nature. This collection is a sophisticated selection of seven masculine fragrances, capturing the essence of the outdoors.

Regal Wood Fragrance collectionIntroducing the Regal Wood Fragrance Collection

The Carvansons Regal Wood Fragrance Collection is suitable for:

  • Fine Fragrance
  • Cologne

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The Collection draws upon our relationship with the natural world and embodies the essence of modern masculinity.

As the cloak of Autumn surrounds us we look to the earthy and woody scents that ground us and remind us of our place in the world. The fragrances in this collection feature notes of oak, cedarwood and bourbon, vanilla, cardamom, cashmere and vintage whiskey accords.

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Please note these fragrances are only suitable for perfumes and colognes.

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