How Rose Fragrances are Rocking Perfume Trends in 2023

Roses have always been the symbol of romance and beauty but in the last few years have picked up a reputation for being old-fashioned and dated, especially in the world of perfume.

Now, before we enrage the perfumery establishment, Roses have and will probably always be a key element of the creation of perfumes. There is, however, lots of evidence that roses are returning in a big way. This scent is giving a brand new lease of life to modern and niche perfumery brands. This is turning what may have once branded as an old-timey fragrance note into a cool and truly modern one.

The History of Rose Fragrances

Roses have been a symbol of romance for centuries. From ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages, roses have featured heavily in art and literature as symbols of love and beauty. Emperor Nero was so crazy about roses, he had silver pipes installed so that his dinner guests could be spritzed with rosewater. According to legend, he once shelled out £100,000 for a ‘waterfall’ of rose petals which actually ended up smothering one of his guests, killing him.

The rose has also been a powerful symbol for many religious traditions, representing divine love, purity, innocence, hope, joy and sorrow. It has played an important role in weddings throughout history as a representation of deep commitment between two people. In modern times, roses remain popular with their vibrant colours and heady scents which evoke feelings of passion and desire.

Rose fragrances have always been a highly sought-after commodity. Joy by haute couture designer Jean Patou was once renowned as “the costliest perfume in the world,”. It was suggested that just one ounce of the lavish scent contained 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen may roses.

rose fragrancesThe Science of Roses: Unlocking the Benefits of the Fragrance

Roses are not only beautiful but they also provide health benefits when used aromatically or topically on the skin. The scent can help lower stress levels while calming anxiety. Roses are said to help in stimulating serotonin production in the brain helping to induce relaxation and peace.

Moreover, rose essential oil has antiseptic properties that can help cleanse wounds or skin irritations caused by cuts or scrapes. It also has anti-inflammatory effects which can help reduce redness from sunburns or other inflammations on the skin’s surface layer. Rose oil can also be beneficial for relieving headaches through its powerful anti-spasmodic properties. This is in part due to its high concentration of natural compounds like citronellol and eugenol. These can have a calming effect on pain receptors in the body when inhaled or applied directly to areas causing discomfort.

Identifying Rose Fragrances

When selecting rose fragrances it’s important to know the different types of rose scents there are available.

Rosa Centifolia ( Rose de Mai ) Essential Oil and Absolute – grown in Grasse and is known to be the most ‘precious’ of the roses.

Rosa Damascena ( Damask Rose / Rose Otto ) Essential Oil and Absolute –   Originally from Syria, also grown in Turkey and Bulgaria. The different locations in which the rose is grown can have a distinct impact on the scent produced and gives different odour characteristics.

There are many other species grown in different parts of the world but many of these aren’t used in perfumery.

Below are photos of our Fragrance Evaluator Harvesting Rose de Mai in Grasse, France

Roses in Grasse    Roses in Grasse


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Rose Fragrances: Creating the Perfect Signature Scent

For those looking to create their own signature scent using roses, rose-scented perfumes are an excellent choice! Before making your purchase however make sure you do some research on the different types of scents available. The blends of different ingredients can significantly change the scent profile of your fragrance. Some base notes will help the rose scent last longer, while lighter top notes may evaporate quicker leaving behind only subtle hints of fragrance.

What are the Trending Rose Fragrances right now?

Maison Lancôme Mille et Une Roses

Lancôme’s latest release is a celebration of rose. In the perfume, Lancôme revisits its historic fragrance Mille et Une Roses which is now made of 97% ingredients of natural origins.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose Eau de ParfumNarciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose Eau de Parfum

Tiktok is currently awash with rose fragrances being championed. There are a number of viral videos in which the Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose Eau de Parfum is the star of the show. Much of the hype around this fragrance stems from being positioned as encompassing Parisienne Chic.

Parfums de Marly’s Delina Eau de Parfum

Parfums de Marly’s Delina Eau de Parfum has an equally strong Tiktik following. This charming and firmly modern floral bouquet is dominated by Turkish rose, lily of the valley and peony. It is blended with the rounded tangy notes of lychee, rhubarb, bergamot and nutmeg. Vanilla accentuates the sensuality of the composition at the base, mingling with white musk, cashmeran, cedarwood and incense.

Carolina Herrera’s Very Good GirlCarolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl

We recently got the opportunity to smell this fragrance and we were quietly impressed. The Carolina Herrera fragrances have been massive hits, with no doubt some of the success due to the distinctive bottle shape. The latest scent, Very Good Girl, looks likely to have the same appeal as its predecessor. This fragrance is a burst of redcurrant and exotic lychee, leading to a seductive heart of rose.

Looking to create a Rose Fragrance?

Roses are timeless but we are seeing lots of fragrances taking a twist of the traditional rose perfumes and this trend only looks set to continue to grow. If you want to make your product stand out from the competition, choosing the perfect scent is a great way to do it. By considering your target market and the purpose of your product, you can choose a scent that complements your product perfectly.

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