The sun is out and spring is here! And with all this brightness and positivity, it’s a great time for us to take a look at the Spring Perfume launches that are brightening our day!

Springtime is a brilliant time to “spring-clean” your perfume collection.

The fragrance trends at the moment seem to all be about fresh new beginnings. So we decided to take a look at the newest springtime launches which our creations team is loving right now.

Spring Perfume Trends

There are a number of fragrance trends we are seeing emerge at the moment, which are arriving just in time for the spring.


The first Springtime trend is well and truly a classic with Vanilla notes being a reoccurring theme across many fragrances. Vanilla is combined with orchid and other white florals to create a delicate but soft scent. Seductive and gourmand notes of Vanilla, when combined with botanical floral accords, exude a gentle confidence.



botanical fragrancesWe are also loving the trend of “intense” fragrances. This swathe of “intense” and “extreme” fragrances has been big in the men’s market for a while and now we are starting to see a whole range of products looking to capitalise on these big-hitting and powerful fragrances.. Whether it be the intense fragrance of Tom Ford’s Rose fragrances or the powerful hits of Leather, these intense fragrances are really going to make a splash this spring and summer.



Clary Sage has been a greatly spoken about fragrance recently and we won’t lie it has an undeniable and distinctive herbaceous and earthy scent. However, the big trend for this spring is combining these botanical and floral scents with contrasting scents of leather or woody notes. But our love of botanicals doesn’t stop there. Iris, lavender and lily of the valley are all experiencing a re-emergence. These perceived outdated scents are being incorporated to create a more mature yet lighter and more delicate accord. Check out our blog about functional fragrance for more ideas about botanical fragrances we are loving right now.


The Best New Spring Perfume Launches

spring perfumesTom Ford Rose de Chine Eau de Parfum

Rose de Chine incorporates golden peony with a layer of rose notes. This floral beauty has a hint of smokiness and delightfully calming base notes of Myrrh and Labdanum.


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid Eau de Parfum

Heralded as a cornucopia of flowers to spread the world with beauty and fantasy and to transform the negative into positive the eau de parfum features notes of peach and, as noted in our trends, big dose of vanilla.



Creed Spring Flower

A flirtatious, enchanting and spirited, Spring Flower Eau de Parfum is inspired by the fresh and feminine notes of springtime. It is spot on for spring fragrances with it’s fruity notes of apple, apricot, melon and peach, softening into delicate floral jasmine and rose balanced by a base of sensual musk.

Louis Vuitton Spell on You Eau de Parfum

We love this one at Carvansons HQ. Louis Vuitton has put Spell on Us with this new Eau de Parfum. This concoction is a beautifully decadent blend of jasmine, rose and acacia and finally iris. It’s soft and loving with an exoticism that we all need in our lives right now.


Armani My Way Nacre Eau de Parfum

Once again Vanilla is the star of the show but this time it combines fruity Bergamot and orange blossom to lift the scent, finishing with a warming Cedarwood and musk base. Nacre is another word for mother-of-pearl.


What Spring Perfumes we are working on right now

We are crazy busy at the moment, working on projects for customers and it’s great to be able to share some of the scents we are creating right now.

On the back of the botanical trend, we are currently seeing interest in fragrances like sweet pea, iris and rose fragrances. These fragrances are great for more delicate applications like soap and skincare. We are also seeing increased interest in citrus combined with floral fragrances. These are especially popular at the moment within candles and room fragrancing such as reed difusers.

For support with integrating spring fragrances into your next fragrance project, contact our team to discuss.


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