Oud Oil or Agar Oil has been used for centuries in the Middle East as a personal care fragrance and in a special form of incense called Bakhoor which is created when the wood chips are burned.

It is ironic that the fragrance of oud has recently become very popular in the Western world when it is probably the oldest fragrance in the world, going back centuries in history.

Oud is the most expensive essential oil in the world, more valuable than gold. It is distilled from the heart wood of the Aquilaria Tree which has been infected with a parasite. The infected trees secrete a resin which when distilled produces an oil with a distinct rich, smoky, animalic odour.

Most essential oils can be synthesized and reproduced synthetically to mimic the natural aroma and lower costs however this is not possible with oud. This makes the actual oud oil prohibitive in fragrances with the exception of bespoke blends for the extremely rich who can afford to pay thousands of pounds for their own small bottles of signature scent.

Our perfumers have created a range of fragrances, ready for your evaluation using a blend of oud and other speciality chemicals to create the characteristic odour and blended them with waxy English rose, Sicilian citrus’, musk and Moroccan spices.