It’s been a while since we introduced you to one of the team here at Carvansons and this time it is a recent recruit to #TeamCarvansons. Post Covid, Carvansons identified the importance of getting back out into the world and meeting our customers. So, we recruited Business Development Manager, Nicole to help support our growth objectives and work alongside some of our customers to find the right fragrances for their products. Meet Nicole Capper, Carvansons’ Business Development Manager.


Name: Nicole Capper

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Favourite perfume: I have in the past always had a preference for floral/fruity/fresh scents.  I am currently wearing Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense, but Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs is one of my all-time favourites. However, since starting at Carvansons and as I learn and smell more, I am fully expecting my scent preferences to change.

Three words people would use to describe me: People-person, conscientious, reliable.

So what do you do at Carvansons?

Six weeks ago, I was brought into the business as the Business Development Manager for Carvansons with a key focus of building relationships with new and existing customers, with the aim of growing our reach in the UK and Ireland.

Although Nicole doesn’t have a background in fragrance, for the last few years she has worked in account management and business development roles in the beauty, healthcare and cosmetics sectors. As a result, she brings with her a wealth of experience relating to the creation of a final product. These previous experiences mean she is well-placed to understand some of the challenges that can occur when including fragrance in a final product. It also means she’s in a position to provide some useful insights into the fragrances that complement these product sectors.

What do you like about your job?

“I love looking for new and potential opportunities, getting to meet with customers and understanding their business and products. People are always surprised at the variety of fragrances we can create at Carvansons and the importance that the right fragrance can have on the success of their product.”

fragrance sales

Making new contacts and building strong and lasting business relationships is a key objective for Nicole.

“I am keen to find out what they need and how we can help. I have only been with Carvansons a short while but I have already started working with a few customers on some new and exciting projects. It will be exciting eventually to see a final product on shelf somewhere that we have helped create or supplied the fragrance for.”

What do you think people might be surprised about Carvansons?

When Nicole first arrived, she was surprised by the diversity and number of long-standing customers Carvansons has. Many of Carvansons’ customers have become customers as a result of word of mouth and referrals from other companies. A recent staff engagement event highlighted some of the positive and long-standing relationships that have developed over the years. This is in part due to our outstanding customer service and our ability to create the best-in-class fragrances.

“What surprised me further was how few of these customers we have actually managed to get out and visit over the last few years. This is due to the impact of Covid-19.”

Despite this, many of our customers are incredibly happy with the service provided by Carvansons. This is great news, but getting out and visiting customers is a vital part of building and strengthening these relationships. Developing these relationships is critical to the future success of Carvansons. It is only by seeing what customers do and how they do it, we can further strengthen these relationships and helps us to grow with our customers.

Tell us a little bit more about you?

I love meeting up with friends, walking/hiking and reading. I like to keep busy and I always find there is something to do.

What do you think makes Carvansons different?

We value all of our customers, big or small. We are one of the very few fragrance businesses that offers the flexibility that allows customers to order as little as 2kg as a minimum order quantity (MOQ). This allows our customers to try out and test new scents with their customers before committing to a substantial fragrance order. It is also great for start-up of smaller business, who can slowly increase their order requirements as their business grows.

Carvansons work really hard to support their customers. Fragrance can be complicated and it is our job to try and advise wherever possible. All departments within Carvansons from perfumery to sample creation and evaluation, to sales and production all work closely to ensure we give our customers the best service and ultimately ensure they come back to us with future projects and plans.

If you are embarking on your next fragrance-related project, I’m ready to offer support. Contact Nicole now

About Carvansons

Carvansons is a world-leading creator and compounder of bulk fragrance oil. Our fragrances are used globally in the cosmetic, personal care, household and industrial manufacturing sectors. As a global fragrance manufacturer, we create high-quality fragrance oil compounds, aromas and perfumes with a worldwide presence.

We work with many different companies throughout the world, which include both household names and smaller, niche industries. Whether your product is highly functional or beautifully indulgent we can create a fragrance that benefits and complements your product, brand and target audience.