Fragrance evaluation is a critical part of what we do.

For our customers, selecting the right fragrance can mean a best-selling product, a loyal customer base and a final product that resonates with their brand identity.  As a result, selecting the right fragrance can often be a complex and lengthy process.

In this blog, we meet Anthony, Carvansons newest Fragrance Evaluator, learn about his role and find out what makes his creative juices flow.

anthony - fragrance evaluator

Name: Anthony Wilcock

Job Title: Fragrance Evaluator

Favourite perfume: Although I am a big fan of Dior Sauvage Elixir and Very Valentino, I would struggle to say I have a favourite fragrance, as there is so much variety. I take joy in unique fragrance creations, whether they be fine fragrances or other applications. I am particularly fond of the more unique combinations of tobacco, white floral notes and spices.

People would describe me as: Quiet, Open, Patient

Tell us more about the role of a Fragrance Evaluator?

Anthony joined Carvansons earlier this year. His main responsibility is to evaluate fragrance creations, using his extensive experience to help the team submit fragrances for projects or presentations and proactively identify which creations could be successful in various markets around the world.

Anthony joined Carvansons after spending a year as a student perfumer in Grasse, France gaining an International Technical Degree in Fragrance Creation and Sensory Evaluation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, previous to that he spent three years in the industry as a Trainee Evaluator.

What does a day in the life of a Fragrance Evaluator look like?

fragrance oil samples

“A usual day, if there is such a thing, really can take me anywhere. I will generally have a number of new creations to evaluate, categorise and place into the fragrance library. Recently I have been working closely with the Creations team providing assistance on projects, advising on creative decisions and supporting our marketing and sales functions.”

“I enjoy working in these fast-moving environments and being able to support these other departments which are a critical part of the customer experience.”

Tell us a bit more about you?

“Most of my life has been spent on my family’s farm, not a location often associated with pleasant smells.  However, these various smells, both pleasant and unpleasant, transport me back to my youth and evoke memories and stories.”

Anthony continues,

“This is how my passion and interest in perfumery began. I feel very lucky to spend most of my day exploring new fragrance creations and working on a variety of projects with the team at Carvansons who share the same passions as I do to create our scented stories. This is what I enjoy about the role.”

Alongside the creative role as an evaluator, Anthony enjoys many other creative passions in his spare time. Poetry, musical pursuits, along with the creation of his own fragrances take up much of his spare time. Family, sport and animals are some of the other big passions in Anthony’s life.

What are the biggest challenges you face when undertaking evaluations?

fragrance evaluation

The challenges in Perfumery/Evaluation are also what make the role so varied and enjoyable. There’s a lot of ‘creative out-of-the-box thinking required.  A scent is personal to everyone it means interpretation of clients’ requests and effective communication is very important. The industry is continuously changing and fragrances can be subject to strict regulations whilst trends in the market change constantly.

“I think people would be interested to know that even though Carvansons is based in the UK, our fragrances stretch across the world. Around 60% of our customers are from outside the UK and as a result, we tailor our fragrances to meet the needs of that country or region. This approach means we cater to a wide range of different markets from high-end fine fragrances, to cost-effective technical fragrances.”

What is the best part thing about your role as a fragrance evaluator?

Creativity is a big part of Anthony’s life, but the ultimate goal is to provide the best possible fragrances for our customers and clients based on their requirements.

“I feel very lucky in my role to be able to help support our customers with the selection process of fragrances and provide guidance and insights to the various teams. It is, however, the development of a close and collaborative approach with my colleagues which will bring success to both us and our customers.”

Anthony Wilcock is an Evaluator at Carvansons. For more information about our evaluation process and fragrance expertise which enable us to us deliver the best fragrances and aromas for our customers, click here.

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