Car care products are big business and as a result, car care fragrances are also a hot commodity right now.

car shampoo fragranceGrowing car ownership and increased consumer spending on maintaining these valuable assets has resulted in the growth of cleaning and car maintenance products. The range of products related to car care has exploded in previous years and anyone working in the automotive market will tell you that car wash products, window cleaners, air freshener products, polish, wax, tire shine and carpet shampoos are growing at an exponential rate.

And the fragrances that go into products are critical to the successful launch, developing a unique selling point and brand recognition that is critical to staying relevant in the automotive accessories market. The fragrance without doubt helps to provide that invisible gratifying touch to those mundane, yet all-important detailing and maintenance jobs.

But what types of fragrant notes are most appropriate for car care products and how important is scent in those final car care fragrances?

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Top 10 car fragrances

The History of Car Care Products

car care fragrances

A strange one but the beginning of the car care industry actually pre-dates the car, when waxes were applied to horse carriages to counteract the impact of the weather on these important methods of transportation.

After that, a range of wax, polish and sprays were created as car ownership grew.  Companies such as Menzerna, Meguiar’s and Simons Manufacturing Company all created their own automotive product offerings and finally, well-known and trusted brands like Turtle Wax became household names.

In the past, fragrances for Automotive and Car Maintenance purposes have in the past been relatively simplistic.

Since then products have diversified and looked to create products which cater to very specific purposes. Clear coatings that eliminate paint degradation from acid rain, salt and UV radiation have grown in popularity. As a result of the popularity of this sector, many companies have looked to create their own signature scent that epitomises their brand and gives brand recognition.

Current Car Care Fragrance Trends

Car maintenance has been making headlines once again as drivers are now holding onto their vehicles for longer. A recent survey found that, due to rising costs of living and inflationary pressures, 32% of British consumers are keeping their cars longer than initially planned.

Car ownership is still on the rise, however, which is expected to drive the car care product market to reach a projected $88.01 billion dollars by 2033.

This market trend has led to a growing demand for environmentally sustainable car care products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-efficient. With people holding onto their cars for longer, maintaining the appearance and condition of their vehicles has become more important.

The products in this category include the elimination of odours, UV and paintwork protection or water resistance. We have in the last few years seen a growth in car ownership, an increase in the number of luxury cars and increased consumer spending on maintaining these valuable assets. All of these factors have meant we have seen a growth in high-end car cleaning and maintenance products.

Car Care Fragrance Products

Car Care Fragrances for the Automotive and Vehicle Maintenance Industries have in the past been relatively simplistic and practical. But this is all changing. We supply fragrances to a wide range of different car care products. These can include anything from car shampoos and cleaners, through to car waxes, surface and material protectors to air fresheners. Even less luxurious products such as car maintenance oils and greases can often come with their own unique odour!

Did you know: That the smell of WD40 is a created smell which as added to the product? This is done to create brand recognition and a way to create instant product recall and brand loyalty.

car care fragrances

Car Care Fragrances for Car Waxes and Shampoos

This sector has seen massive growth over the last few years. This has been driven by many people looking to extend the life of their investment and maintain the value of their car. Although these products serve a very functional role, the scent and brand associated can benefit from these more enticing and high-end fragrance choices available.

As with any highly-functional product, there is often a requirement to hide or mask the smell of the base formulation, especially if the product is for industrial usage. Talk to our team about how to create brand loyalty to your car cleaning product whilst also maintaining the cleaning power of your product.

Fragrance Oil

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Car Care Fragrances for Car Air Fresheners

This is a product area where we have seen huge growth in the last few years. Car Air fresheners can take a wide range of forms including scented disks, powders, liquid sprays and products specifically targeting specific odours such as pet smells. These scents have also taken a more luxurious feel with car fragrances inspired by colognes and fine fragrances.  Odour-neutralising products attempt to breathe freshness and life into stuffy environments and remove lingering odours. We’ve seen a vast array of different scents being opted for and can advise on the trending scents.

Our Top 5 Car Care Fragrances

1. Bubblegum

This surprised us! In at number one, our most requested car fragrance of the last few months is Bubblegum. With its bright but also sweet facets, it is a great scent for car washing and cleaning products. Our Bubblegum fragrances in the past have leaned away from the sickly sweet scents and into more of the fruity tangy scents. It’s a great scent and let’s be honest, who doesn’t remember the inimitable jelly bean car air freshener?

2. New Car Smell

Of course, this scent had to be included in this countdown. The New Car Smell (albeit a by-product of the plastics and adhesives used in the manufacturing of a car’s interior) is still a regularly requested scent. This scent seeks to recreate the smell of a brand new vehicle which is most noticeable after a vehicle has been manufactured, hence the “new” car smell. The scent is often a woody, leather and musk fragrance, that has a reassuring calming effect. The much-requested “new-car smell” is actually a by-product of a chemical process known as off-gassing. The odour is attributable to the many plastics and adhesives used in a modern car’s interior. These are most noticeable after a vehicle has been manufactured, hence “new” car smell.

Car Care Fragrances3. Luxury Perfume and Cologne-Inspired Car Fragrances

Designer-inspired car fragrances have become big news and scents that replicate those fashionable fragrances are seeing unbelievable growth. From the success of Dior Sauvage and Creed Aventus to more subtle and feminine perfume-inspired like Flowerbomb and Pomegranate Noir. Requests for fine fragrance-inspired automotive cleaning and air freshening products have without doubt grown in the last few years. These fashion-focused fragrances are being included in everything from waxes, cleaning products and fabric and leather protection products to air fresheners.

4. Lemon Drop

Lemon Fragrances have always been a big one among the car cleaning and car washing community. The associations between lemons and cleaning has always been strong. We recently created a Sherbert lemon for screenwash which not only helps to cut through dirt and grease on a windscreen clean but also revive and reinvigorates the weary driver. These sharp and sour-sweet, fresh lemon and gingery lemongrass scents make for the perfect car cleaning product.

5. Fruity Favourites

Mango, pineapple, Papaya, Cherry and Watermelon are just a few of those tropically tangy scents which are being requested in car cleaning and car care products. These fabulously fruity fragrances are big and voluminous scents as a result they cover a plethora of stinky scents. These fruity favourites are perfect for covering those pet smells, musty and dirty spaces.

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