Sustainable cleaning products and eco-friendly washing fragrances have fast become the new must-have fashion items.

But this wasn’t always the case.

sustainable cleaningPreviously, the big brands didn’t have to work hard for our money and washing and cleaning products were anything but cool or trendy! Cleaning and washing products were utilitarian and unsophisticated; there were often only one or two different scent directions and limited options in terms of the form or application that the product took – more often than not liquid or powder.

The rise of eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products

Data from a recently published study states that this year, the total value for environmentally friendly laundry, surface care, dishwashing, bath & shower goods will reach $72.9 billion in retail value. There is a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% which will drive the market to $109.7 billion in 2026.

This is in stark contrast with an overall market growth for all cleaning products of 4.1%, from $169.9 billion to $207.3 billion from 2021-2026.

The trend for environmentally friendly products isn’t going away.

Whether itchy skin is getting you down or you’re trying to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, more of us are swapping our traditional products for more eco-friendly alternatives. Though cheap and convenient, many detergents contain synthetic chemicals which pollute our water and damage delicate ecosystems.

Luckily there is a raft of new products which still maintain their green credentials, whilst also providing an exceptional cleaning experience. These eco formulas have improved considerably over the last few years and can now be found in many households.

The Mrs Hinch effect

fragrance for homecare products

The Cleaning Guru, Mrs Hinch has made cleaning cool. Her social media channels are a-wash with tricks and tips to make cleaning easier, better and more sustainable. Since then, she has launched her own washing and cleaning products and we are often asked for fragrances similar to the ones endorsed by Mrs Hinch.

Mrs Hinch also stated in a recent article that she suffered from anxiety and cleaning was her coping mechanism. She suggested cleaning helps her to work through her panic attacks and deal with emotional crises.

This, in part, is the reason she has a legion of loyal followers, as we have all attempted to control our busy lives with things that are controllable.

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Sustainable Cleaning – The trickle-down effect

More often than not the fragrances we see in domestic and homecare products are a result of the trickle-down from fine fragrances or perfumes. These fine fragrances become popular with consumers and are then eventually made appropriate for the intended market or application. This trickle-down effect is seen throughout the homecare market with fruity, floral scents becoming popular and limited edition and seasonal scents.

New applications for sustainable cleaning

Eco-friendly capsules, a return to powders and plastic-free diluted formulations, there has been a surge of new eco-friendly products on the market. As a result, we thought we’d take a look at some of the applications we think are really breaking the “mould”. See what we did there!!


Capsules are not new but what is new is how they are packaged. We are now seeing them delivered to your door and in cardboard packaging. Smol is one of our favourites for this.

Laundry Strips

Eco-Strips are one of the smartest ways to clean laundry. Each washing strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of liquidless washing detergent.  The scent is encapsulated in the strip and still leaves your wash smelling amazing.

Tru Earth is a great example of this.

Plant-based Liquid

We are loving the eco-friendly credentials for this one. Companies are creating botanical scents where essential oils sit centre stage and still have the capacity to clean exceptionally well without all the harmful chemicals. The products from Wilton London are a great example of this.

Dilutable cleaning products

Not only is their format far more sustainable than repeatedly buying new plastic bottles, but many soluble cleaning products also have plant-based, biodegradable and/or vegan formulas. Many of the original products in this category would have been 90% water. This water undeniably weighs down your shopping bag and costs companies to ship or deliver. With this solution, you get all of the washing power, without having to pay for the water.

Neat is an excellent example of this. This multi-purpose cleaner is designed to banish dirt, grease and germs from worktops, sinks, tiles and more. It dissolves in basic cold tap water providing a brilliant cleaning solution.

Looking for Fragrance for Sustainable Cleaning and Laundry Products

sustainable cleaning fragranceScent is everywhere in home care products. It is no longer sufficient for a product to just “do its job”. Products in this sector are very purpose driven. These purposes can include carpet care, fabric care, dust or dirt removal. The product needs to leave a lasting reminder that the job has been done.

The scent left behind is an olfactory confirmation to the user that the job has been completed successfully. The fragrance leaves the user with an enduring sense of achievement. Bright fresh fragrances give a sense of cleanliness and freshness. When used in cleaning products these scents can create real brand loyalty and identity for a product.

Consumer requirements are, understandably, still mostly driven by the effectiveness of the product to deliver its expected benefit. However, cleanliness and the fragrance associated with cleanliness are inextricably linked. Being clean and smelling clean are now seen as equally important when purchasing the right cleaning and sanitising products.

Finding the right fragrance for your cleaning or washing product

We have helped create a wide range of fragrances for the cleaning, home care and washing industry. We have worked with many companies to design their signature scent, whilst also adhering to their sustainability and eco-friendly brief.

Consult with our team about the right fragrance for your homecare, cleaning or wash product. For more information on the fragrances we can create for home care, cleaning and washing, please click here.

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