The Sunny Lemon Fragrance Collection

It is boom time for aspirational cleaning and laundry products.

Data from a recently published study states that this year, the total value for environmentally friendly laundry, surface care, cleaning and dishwashing products will reach $72.9 billion in retail value. This is a forecasted annual growth rate of 8.5% which will drive the market to $109.7 billion by 2026.

Household products are being created targeting this market share, especially as consumers are now approaching homecare and cleaning as an extension of self-care, personified by the likes of Mrs Hinch and other fashionable cleaning gurus. These fabric care and home cleaners are now specifically targeting younger demographics to capture a fresh and young approach to home care.

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Introducing the Sunny Lemon Fragrance Collection

sunny lemon cleaning fragrance

The Sunny Lemon Fragrance Collection is a selection of six refreshing and uplifting lemon fragrances. Lemon has been used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world for thousands of years. In this collection, we have taken the very functional and traditional lemon fragrance and given it a twist.

The fragrances in this collection are suitable for;

  • Surface Care and Cleaning Products
  • Homecare Products
  • Washing and Laundry Products.

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Please note these fragrances are only suitable for home cleaning and washing applications

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