Now I don’t need to tell you that summer and citrus fragrances go together like sunshine and good times. But when the need for positivity has never been more vital, we are once again seeing sparkling fruit fragrances bringing freshness and light to a wide range of products.

We take a look at why fruity citrus fragrances are brightening up our worlds and why we predict a positive reaction to these scents for 2022.

Firstly, what are Citrus fragrances?

Citrus fragrances are identifiable by their zesty and energetic notes. The term citrus actually includes more fruits than you might originally think. The category of citrus scents can include fruits like clementine, grapefruit, orange, lime and lemons, but also include citrusy-smelling raw materials such as lemongrass, verbena and bergamot. These zesty, zingy fruity notes within fragrances have become a tried and tested way to add freshness to a fragrance.

These refreshing and effervescent notes not only add life when blended with deeper muskier fragrances but can also add an elegant and sparkling quality to fine fragrances. Citric notes combined with other fragrances can provide a hidden quality adding to the complexity of the scent.

What makes a good Citrus fragrance?

citrus fragrances

The associations attached to fragrances can have a powerful effect on our neurophysiological state. This suggests that some odours can be effective mood regulators or enhancers. The application of aromatic compounds to relieve stress or pain and elevate mood is well-known and regularly used as a unique selling point for many products. Citrus essential oils in particular have been claimed to exert mood-enhancing effects.

Many people will relate to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) where our moods can be affected by weather patterns and levels of sunlight. Longer and brighter days lift our spirit, give a sense of optimism and provide us with feelings of positivity. Citrus scents have an obvious association with this, mainly due to the warmer climates within which many of these fruits thrive.

Once again, our olfactory memories and associations are driving our perceptions. A perfume with a refreshing top note of citrus can conjure images of tropical beaches, long sunny evenings, cocktails and holidays. And who wouldn’t fancy a holiday right now!?

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How popular are Citrus fragrances?

Citrus fragrances are a big hit in both the UK and international markets. The UK loves the more subtle hints of mandarin and bergamot. However, Africa and Eastern Europe are fans of big-hitting, strong and impactful fragrances of lemon and lime.

DID YOU KNOW: Carvansons has over 200 versions of lemon fragrances within their fragrance library.

In what products do Citrus scents work best?

orange perfumesThe personal care industry loves a good citrus scent. Manufacturers of personal care products have always loved incorporating bright and tingling citrus scents into their products. Many of them pack a powerful punch of lemon and lime and make up some of their market-leading and most consistent product lines.

The homecare and cleaning industry also loves a good citrus scent. The bright and fresh scent serves a different purpose here. The sparkling and zingy scent conveys to the user a sense of cleanliness and hygiene. This bright fresh fragrance brings a sense of the outdoors inside. It leaves the user with a sense of satisfaction that their cleaning product has served its required purpose and has left your surfaces fresh and bright. When used in cleaning products these fruity scents can create real brand loyalty and identity for a product.

Challenges in incorporating citrus scents

We are big fans of citrus fragrances and we regularly get requests for zingy lemon scents. But they don’t come without their challenges. When incorporating these fragrances into personal care and beauty products, citrus fragrances often contain a chemical called limonene. Allergens relating to limonene can affect what fragrances we can create and for what purpose.

We are able to create hypoallergenic and allergen-free versions and we have successfully achieved this for a number of clients. For more information about allergens and how we deliver perfumes that adhere to allergen guidelines, click here.

Looking for the right fragrance for your product?

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