best perfumes of 2023

Here is our round-up of the best perfumes of 2023 that we have smelled this year. This year we have decided to take a glance at both some of our own in-house creations and some of the new releases that we absolutely love. So here’s our run-down of the best new fragrances of 2023.

We smell literally thousands of perfumes throughout the year and we still love finding brand new scents that tantalise our senses. These gems may become the next big hit or the next classic scent.

The Best Perfumes of 2023*

 Divine by Jean Paul Gaultier

Selected by Helen, UK Sales Account Manager

“I love a delicious gourmand fragrance and there has been a plethora of gourmand fragrances launched this year. Pistachio Gelato Yum and Love Fest Burning Cherry from Kayali and La Nuit Trésor Intense Lancôme just to name a few. There has been plenty of sweet and sugar goodies to choose from. Even though Divine by Jean Paul Gaultier is categorised as an amber floral scent, it has a healthy dose of sweet and salty notes, making it a delicious concoction.

The notes include white flowers, lily, and creamy, whipped meringue and salty sea breeze. These are all notes we highlight in our latest trend ebook, just saying!”

Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

Selected by Nicole, Business Development Manager

This one is a winner for me. I have bought this as a Christmas present for a member of my family. It’s lovely and strong and although it wasn’t launched this year, its mass appeal means it continues to be a popular choice.

best perfumes of 2023

Edmond by Carvansons

Selected by Matt, Perfumery Assistant

We created this scent in the lab earlier this week and I immediately took a liking to it. It is a musky, amber fragrance with floral and citrus touches. There are subtle highlights of violet and jasmine but finished off with fresher notes of citrus which really bring this scent to life.

This fragrance has been created for use in a perfume/cologne and is unisex in nature, as a result, I can imagine it being used in wide range of different product applications.

2024 fragrance trends

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best perfumes of 2023Althair by Parfum de Marly & Magnolia Dream by Carvansons

Selected by Hina, Project Handler Export

“This has been for me to pick one, as there have been far too many amazing fragrances launched in the last 12 months. Working with the Middle East Team we get lots of requests for fine fragrance and perfumes so as a result there is a lot to choose from. So, with that in mind, I have chosen 2.

My first choice is Althair by Parfum de Marly, a woody scent which is jam-packed with vanilla goodness. It’s a men’s fragrance but smells amazing.

My other favourite is Magnolia Dream, which is a creation we have developed here at Carvansons. This is something we have created for a customer in the Middle East which will hopefully eventually end up as a perfume. This scent is pure flower power, a big hit of magnolia, vibrant blooms, it’s joyful.”

best perfumes of 2023

Santal 33 by Le Labo

Selected by Ethan, Commercial Analyst

Although this isn’t a scent that was launched this year, it has joined the ranks of the true classic perfumes this year. Le Labo has consistently built up a loyal fan base and the Santal 33 is absolutely one of their best.  It has a soft yet powerful scent that is strong and empowering. We’ve seen lots of popularity in sandalwood-related scents again this year and this scent absolutely encapsulates this phenomenal scent.

best perfumes of 2023

Black Raspberry and Peppercorn by Carvansons

Selected by Amna – Creation Project Co-Ordinator (Export)

We recently created some fragrances for use in Candles. My favourite from amongst them was the Black Raspberry & Peppercorn.

With notes of Raspberry, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Vanilla, the fragrance is a gentle mixture of sweet and buttery. A bonus; the fragrance has been formulated for use in a variety of applications so is super versatile.

All of Me by Narciso Rodriguez

Selected by Vicki, Marketing Manager

I’ve been a big fan of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes, especially the For Her Musc Noir which went viral last year. So when they launched their latest scent I was curious to compare; I wasn’t disappointed.

It is a stunning rose centifolia scent, lying on a base of musc and sandalwood it is a sumptuous scent. We smelled this scent at the BSP Trend event and I fell in love immediately. It is a big bold rose scent, that is both sumptuous and decadent. It’s so good I may even have to put this on my list to Santa this year!

L’or J’adore by Dior

Selected by Zeynep, Fragrance Analyst

This has been one of the biggest launches this year. It is the fresher sparkling cousin of the original J’adore. Often with these flanker perfumes, they are not a patch on the original but for me, this scent blows the original scent out of the water.

Thriving on the back of the success of the original J’adore, I think this scent is destined to become a classic.

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