2022 was filled with great perfume creation and fragrance selections for our customers. We saw everything from big flirt and floral notes through to warming cosy and gourmand notes. But what were the most popular fragrances of 2022? Let’s take a look.

So what were our most Popular Fragrances of 2022

Popular Fragrances of 2022 | No 1. Frosted Eucalyptus

Frosted Eucalyptus

The fragrances that turned heads in 2022! One of the big hits in 2022 was Frosted Eucalyptus. We got lots of requests for fragrances that captured the essence of the #outdoors whilst creating bright and fresh sensations. These were most requested within cleaning products and air care. The popularity of this scent was driven by Mrs Hinch and was a nice twist on the traditional cleaning and washing scents usually available on the market. This scent conjures up images of a sparkly snowy tundra glistening with freshness and light, coupled with juicy fruity notes of mandarin, Brazilian orange and green apple. In the base of this scent, there is a herbaceous, but sweet balsamic note.

Popular Fragrances of 2022 | No 2. Moroccan Musk

moroccan musk

Another one of our #bestof2022 was a delicate musk that we called Moroccan Musk This fragrance got everyone talking at our stand at SCS formulate earlier this year. We took this delicate and seductive fragrance and mixed it with alcohol to create small spray bottles of the perfume for people to take away with them. This sandalwood and vanilla middle eastern inspired scent has a fruity yet slightly spicy finish. This has been a hit with both in the UK and internationally. The luxurious scent captivated a number of people in the Carvansons office and has since garnered a large number of fans of this beautiful scent. 

Popular Fragrances of 2022 | No.3 Breeze Blooms

Breeze Blooms

Our final #bestof2022 before we head into the Christmas break, was a fragrance we created called Breeze Blooms. This scent was created for #candles and is a beautiful collage of #delicate #flowers and sparkling #fruit notes whilst steadied by gentle woods and amber.

This scent was a big hit with customers. One customer said of this scent; “This had a delightful bouquet and spawned images of running through fields of flowers and embracing the natural beauty all around us.”

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