Creating new fragrances that inspire and delight is what we do best at Carvansons and at the heart of that is our Creations Team, who have their finger on the pulse of the upcoming trends in aromas and fragrances.  In our first Scent Profile Blog, we talk to Amber Ashworth about her role in the Fragrance Creation Team and the importance of scent creation for the business.

Name: Amber Ashworth

Job Title: Creation and Business Development

Favourite perfume: That’s a hard question, I have so many favourites it would be impossible to decide

People would describe me as: Confident and hard-working


It’s Monday morning at Carvansons and Amber is already busy scanning the latest product launches, fragrance trends and organising perfume samples for evaluation. Amber has been in the Fragrance Creation Team for over 12 months now and is responsible for working closely with the perfume laboratory technicians to create the new fragrances that eventually will reach our UK and International customers.

What is a day like in the Fragrance Creation Team?

A normal day for Amber starts by reviewing new products and samples and then reviewing a number of product briefs from customers and our international teams.  In so doing, she will look through a wide range of perfume articles, new perfume samples and product launches. Her love of this industry stems from her time studying Cosmetic Science and Perfumery at the London College of Fashion.

“I have always been interested in fragrance and I love finding new scents that really ‘wow’ me. My personal taste in fragrance varies greatly. I like everything from the more traditional floral scents, to the strong oud-based or gourmand fragrances. I think this is why I enjoy this job so much as I love exploring new fragrances and finding something different and unusual.”

One of Amber’s key responsibilities is to consider the different ingredients for each fragrance creation, whilst also keeping in mind the quality, testing and evaluation process. This is especially important when considering that Carvansons perfumes that are exported internationally.

Her current project is a range of fragrances suitable for use in candles and targeted towards consumers in Russian. This poses an interesting challenge, as consumer tastes for the Russian market often centre around strong, powerful fragrances at a mass market price.

“One of the most interesting parts of my role is to consider the wide range of different tastes and cultural preferences that exist. The markets I help support are all so different which keeps me on my toes. I really enjoy developing my relationships with our international teams. This interaction helps me gain a really good understanding of the different market trends and interests in those different countries.”

When Amber has time away from work she loves to travel. Getting to experience these new countries and cultures first-hand inspires her fragrance choices and further stimulates her curiosity in different cultures, trends and fragrances.

The beauty of Amber’s role is that every day is different. Whether is be working on a new fragrance brief, evaluating new product launches or collaborating with UK and international-based staff, there is always something new to consider. One of things she loves the most about working in fragrance is the way in which fragrance creates and provokes memories.

“It’s something I’m fascinated by; how a scent or smell can immediately transport you to a time, place or moment in history. Whether it’s lavender which transports you back to your grandparents garden or the warming and festive fragrances that fill your home with memories at Christmas time.”

“In the future I am keen to progress in this industry and develop better connections with our international sales team. I am hoping I’ll be able to get out and visit some of them soon.”

Amber’s Top Fragrance Trend Tips

“Naturals are still a huge growth area, especially with a continued focus on our health and wellbeing. These natural and lighter scents are helping calm us and provide a positive ambience in our homes. This is especially important whilst many people continue to work from home and as we try to bring the ‘outside in’ as we prepare for the colder wintery months.”

Finally we asked why she enjoys working at Carvansons.

“Carvansons is family-owned and as a result there is a great sense of family spirit within the team. It is only by a collaborative effort from the technical, sales and production teams that we can continue to deliver the brilliant work we do here.”


Amber Ashworth is a Fragrance Creation and Business Development Specialist for Carvansons. For more information about how we help create the right fragrances for your product, please contact us.

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